Sunday, March 8, 2015

Maiden review: Bosomi Safety wet wipes

Wow. Blogspot has changed since the last time I posted (circa 2008). Anyhoo, as a new SAHM, things can get pretty dull and repetitive. Since I'd been spending a lot of time searching for reviews of products I want need, I thought why not share the love and comment about great/crappy products I've used? 

Ok so let's start with a baby staple- wet wipes. This is for down there. It's important for me to separate this from wet wipes for hands and face due to convenience,  portability, ingredients etc, you get the idea. I've had to do new research as E1 has not had to use wet wipes for a long time and the other brands left much wanting (in summary, Giant housebrand- too thin, Pigeon- too small, Beautex- overpowering smell).

Enter Bosomi Safety wet wipes. I'd deliberated a long time before buying it as I had a pretty good wipe but that was more difficult to obtain. That review is here.

Everything on the pack itself is printed in Korean, so there's a handy label in English that enlightens us non-Korean readers. This is a refill pack, so there's no lid to keep the insides from drying out. This may bum some people out, but no biggie for me. It fits nicely into my trusty Pigeon box. There is another version with a built-in lid which I will probably try in the near future.

I love how it leans towards natural ingredients without containing the infamous preservatives touted to be carcinogens. Honestly I don't really care so much but the more natural, the better right? What drew me most were:
1. Honey and propolis provides antibacterial protection (yum! I'm joking, please do not eat this)
2. Shea butter provides moisture
3. Suitable for sensitive skin (yes yes yes!)

E2, who is 4 months now, hasn't displayed signs of problematic skin yet, but he does have heat rash under his fatty neck folds. So I've been pretty conscious about using naturally-sourced or sensitive skin products for him. This ticks all boxes for me. 

Size wise, it's big enough to cover my hand, but not so big that I can't hold it open properly. I have small hands though. I use a Wipe, Fold, Wipe, Throw technique to get the most out of the wipe. 

It's pretty thin, but doesn't tear easily nor does it allow baby poo to get onto my hands. Unlike some other brands (I'm looking at you, Huggies).
On average, I use 2-3 wipes each cleaning session, even when the dreaded poo explodes up to the back of the diaper and above the buttcrack. 

If you stick the wipe right up to your nose, there's a subtle sweetish scent kind of like baby bathwash. I don't love nor hate it, just glad its not overpowering. 

It has a simple straight weave that has enough friction to wipe off the thinnest poo. No need for fancy honeycombs.

Comes in a pack of 6, with 60 sheets per pack. I think it was around $15, which comes up to about 4c per wipe. There are cheaper brands out there, but its pretty worth it imo. Besides, I can get it from the NTUC Finest below my house. Plus point for convenience. You can get it from qoo10 for around the same price but there's a steep shipping fee so...nuh-uh for me. 

Verdict: 100% Rave
My first choice if I ran out of wipes. Review of my HG wet wipe coming soon. 
Oh! But remember I mentioned there's a built-in lid version? It's in a blue packaging so if anyone has used that, do share so as to stay my itchy fingers!

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