Sunday, March 8, 2015

Review: Johnson's baby wet wipes

Really on a rampage here! Let's take some time to talk about Johnson's baby wipes. This is for gentle cleansing of hands and face.

For Messy Times. That's gotta be an understatement. Anyone with a 2yr old knows that mealtimes are like battles with no clear winners - mummy is tired and covered with food; toddler is covered with food and potentially still hungry; food is, well everywhere except where it's supposed to be.

A no frills pack with resealable clear plastic. This might do well in the aesthetics department but in my haste, I have on occasion opened it from the wrong side. You can stick it back but it just annoys me. 

Not too many ingredients, which is good. I'm not that bothered with what's in the list.

Usability and performance 
It's a decent size and does the job ok. It's moist enough but not soaking wet and doesn't feel soapy. After wiping my mouth there's no discernable taste, which is the biggest selling point for me. Although it looks thin, it's hardy enough to stretch without tearing, and manages to get most of the grease off when there isn't a sink around. 

There's a subtle, clean scent that's not overpowering. It's marketed as being fragrance free (and is!). As mentioned above, you can lick your lips and fingers without tasting the cleaning agent. Of course you and I wouldn't do that but 2yr olds, naawww...once you clean their hands they're gonna just stick those fingers right back in those little mouths. 

I bought these so long ago that I can't recall how much they cost. But I like that the packet is compact enough to fit in the diaper bag and still hold 20pcs. 

Verdict: Rave
Purely for the fact that it doesn't taste like licking a detergent bottle and it's small enough to carry around, it's my current go-to product.

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