Saturday, March 14, 2015

Review & comparison: Bosomi wet wipes

This is the wet wipe that was next on my hit list. So when it was offer, there was no hesitation about getting it.

I just love to try new products! And importantly, I wanted to see how it compared to Bosomi Safety wet wipes.

The most obvious difference is that this one comes with a hard lid. The packaging is blue, containing 60pcs.

Size and material wise, there's no difference. This one has a sweeter scent which reminds me of bubblegum ice cream.

Bosomi Safety
Hard lid, 60pc
Refill 60pc
Moisturising agent
Hyaluronic acid
Shea butter
Antibacterial/anti-inflammatory agent
Baobab oil, helichrysum italicum
Honey, propolis
Sensitive, eczema, allergic-prone
Sensitive only


Active ingredients at the start of list
Active ingredients at the end of list

A random note: helichrysum italicum is more commonly known as Immortelle. L'Occitane has a whole range of anti-aging products based on it. Just sayin', ya know?

ECOCERT is an internationally recognised company that awards certificates to products and processes that maintain the highest eco-friendly standards. The Bosomi blue wet wipe is ECOCERT certified for its hyaluronic acid.

For those unfamiliar with ingredient-label reading, the FDA requires product ingredients to be listed in descending order of concentration, ie the ingredients listed first are of higher concentrations than those listed at the end. In the blue wet wipe, the plant-derived oils and extracts are listed first, after water, so you know there's a pretty good amount of yummy stuff in there. The yellow Safety version, in contrast, has shea butter and propolis extract listed right at the end.

My thoughts are that these 2 products are comparable in performance and there's no significant difference that I've noticed. Oh, and I've tested it on my face and am glad to say it's both tasteless, so feel free to use this on messy faces as well (won't fix a messed-up face though).

However if you have particularly sensitive or allergy-prone skin, you may be more inclined to get the blue wipe, especially if you want to use it on faces.

Verdict: Rave
Nothing's right, I'm torn. I'd probably alternate between the two versions, just because.
Both wipes are available at selected NTUC outlets and on qoo10.

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