Sunday, March 8, 2015

Review: GreenLife Completia Prenatal multivitamin

My prenatal vitamins had finished and I had to source for new ones as I was (am) still breastfeeding E2. My previous one was good (Obimin Plus) but it was expensive and made me nauseous. All I was looking for was a simple 1-2 pill system that would confer the best benefits to my growing chubba. 

Went to Guardian and out of the shelves upon shelves of supplements, the saleslady recommended this:

Ok, this looks straightforward enough. 120 pills twice a day - that would last 2 months. If I don't forget to take it, which I sometimes do when I'm too tired. 

No preservatives, artificial flavours or colours. Ooh nice. Satisfaction guaranteed. 

A teaspoon for reference. The pill is pretty big but that's not what bothers me. In fact, the pill looks quite cute, like the coat of a dappled pony.

But these are afterthoughts, because the moment you open this bottle and tear away the seal, a godawful stench assaults your senses. I literally jerked my head away once it was open. I gave it another chance and a sniff but no, I would rather smell breastfed baby poo than this thing. Not joking. Imagine adding weed to a compost heap and setting it ablaze - this is what this supplement smells like (I think). 

Some pills smell worse than they taste. But not this one. The pungent odour transmutes into the same taste left in the mouth which lingers long after I have emptied a cup of water.
Take a look at the "other ingredients" list at the bottom. The word "vegetable" appears many times. That's probably the culprit of this smell from hell. 

In summary, this is fricking gross. 

Verdict: one of the biggest Regrets of my life.
But of course I'm not one to waste money on a whim so I'll swallow my bitterness and finish the bottle, godblessme. 

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