Monday, March 9, 2015

Review: Huggies baby wipes

There's always a benchmark product from which you compare every other competing product. This is my benchmark for wet wipes: Huggies wet wipes.

Let's start by being somewhat objective.

Again, a simple packaging with clear resealable plastic (what is with all these clear plastic covers?? A busy mum needs big clear signs and huge fonts to avoid opening from the wrong side).

Ingredients again are quite standard. It's got aloe and vitamin E, but these are last on the list. The portion below the ingredients list is a "ingredients explained" list, which tells you the benefits of each component. Again, I'm not bothered by the list, but at least it doesn't have parabens.

Oohh cute teddy bears! But the material is pretty thin. Which is my biggest gripe.
4 out of 10 times, I tear a huge hole in the wipe while trying to pluck it from the pack. I don't care for cute teddy bears if the damn wipe has a hole in it!

If you scroll back up to the picture of the back, there's a representation of a happy baby getting its mouth wiped. That baby wouldn't be so happy if it licked its lips. When I wiped my mouth with this wipe, there's a distinct bitter detergenty taste, as you would experience with most restaurant towelettes. Wtf..seriously? 

I really have nothing else to say about this product, except I wouldn't buy it. I have several packets of the small 10pc version as it came free with the kids' diapers. If you did want to try it though, it's going at NTUC for 16c per wipe ($9.75 for 3x 20pc). It does come in a bigger pack but obviously I'm not even gonna bother.

Sorry Huggies, I'm a supporter of your diapers but I absolutely hate this wipe. Try harder.

Verdict: Regret, totally
I even regret getting this free. 

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