Thursday, March 19, 2015

Review: Jurlique skincare

People have been asking me about my skincare regime and which products I use. Really, you want to know? Ok then...

But first, my naked skin [cringe]:

I have dry skin, worst along the T-zone. After giving birth, it's now dry everywhere and more sensitive.

There's still some old acne scars concentrated on my forehead, as a reminder of the era when I was poor, lazy and misinformed. Thanks, puberty.

Years ago, I was told by a dumbass beautician or salesperson that I have combination skin. Meaning I have dry areas and oily areas at any given time. So of course I shopped for products marketed for oily/combo skin. What a waste of money and effort, because that only dried me out even more. Long story short, I visited a derm who saved my skin in time for my wedding.

Although her products were good, I wanted to overhaul my skincare once I fell pregnant with E1. Natural and organic would be the way to go then.

So my 10-step regime was whittled down to 5, and replaced by natural or organic products where possible. While Jurlique is not certified organic, I've chosen to stick to their products because 1. It works for me 2. It smells loooovely.

Step 1: Replenishing Cleansing Lotion
Now that I know I'm dry, I avoid anything foaming, but look for milks and lotions instead. I love this cleanser for its scent - floral with hints of rose. Although you're supposed to tissue off before rinsing, I don't, so it takes awhile to get it all off, but it washes away without any residue.

Step 2: Rosewater Balancing Mist
Ok I'm cheating here. This is actually a sample and I don't intend to purchase the full size. It smells like walking through an English rose garden but I can't justify the ridiculous price for just rosewater and some essential oils. For this step, I use an antibacterial toner instead to prevent breakouts.

Step 3: Purely White Brightening Essence
This bottle has just about run its course, after which my regime will be down to 4 steps. It lasted a good few months but I don't think it caused any drastic change in my skin's radiance. I don't think anything really can, except a good 8hr uninterrupted sleep, which won't happen for another few more months I guess.

Step 4: Skin Balancing Face Oil
This is a lovely light face oil that I use as a serum. Just 3 drops for my whole face, pressed or massaged in. Or in the mornings, slapped on before I rush out for my daily cuppa.

Step 5: Moisture Replenishing Day Cream
Don't be fooled by the "day" label. This cream is thick and rich. A small pea-size is plenty to layer over the previous step. It may feel like too much to some, but I find that it really locks in the moisture from the oils and keeps me hydrated for longer. I'm so glad that Jurlique changed the old apothecary style packaging to something that doesn't develop holes after extended use.
Left: holey old packaging
Right: new plastic packaging with flip cap 

So there you have it, my current skincare staples.

Verdict: Raves for half of the items.
The cleansers, oils and moisturisers are safe bets when it comes to quality and performance. Others can be more miss than hit, or too pricey to use on a regular basis. Jurlique is available at Ngee Ann City, Robinsons and various online stores.

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