Thursday, March 12, 2015

Review: Kirkland Signature Babywipes

Ok. This is it. My current previous favourite wet wipe. (Read on to find out why)

I first got to know about it when SIL shipped some back from Australia. Meet Kirkland Signature Babywipes.

It's a good size, 18 x 20cm (actually most of the wipes I've used for bums are this big so it looks like this is a standard size). It comes with a built-in lid so there's no fuss with replenishing boxes. One pack contains 100pcs- the biggest size I've seen.

It's thick and moist, with a soft feel. The weave is straight and simple, like Bosomi, but it feels slightly thicker. There's a slightly soapy feel but it doesn't sit on the skin for long.

The scent, although not unpleasant, is reminiscent of a freshly bleached toilet and is slightly weird, for lack of a better word. When SIL brought back her stash from Australia, the packaging was blue and the scent quite different - more pleasant. Nevertheless, it's marketed as being unscented.

The ingredients. This is where my relationship with this wipe has sadly come to an end. While researching the ingredients of this wipe, I discovered that the preservative 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol (bronopol) can degrade to become formaldehyde. A few sites have described and advised against the use of this ingredient, commonly used in cosmetics and baby products. Read about it here.

Ohhh maaaaan. What a bummer. Now that I know this, I'll stick to the Bosomi wipes for its quality, value and far less harmful ingredients. And like a sign from above, the lidded version was on offer! Reviews coming soon.

Verdict: No Regrets, but won't recommend due to the potentially toxic ingredients.
If you want to have a go at it anyway, this wipe is retailing exclusively at NTUC Warehouse in a 9-pack carton. Can't remember the exact price but SIL calculated it to be 4c per wipe. It's also available on qoo10 but at double the price.

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