Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Review: Jurlique baby bath oil

I always knew Jurlique had a baby care range, but I never bothered to even check out the products because it felt over-indulgent and I suspected it probably cost a bomb.

Recently, I met up with a girlfriend who had lovingly selected some baby care products for the boys. She gets a staff discount, that lucky bitch. One of the products she gifted me with was this Jurlique baby bath oil.

It comes in a standard 100ml amber glass bottle with a drip top.

The oil is very viscous and slightly yellowish. But oh, the smell is heavenly. It's a heady burst of lavender and it left my head swimming for a bit when I opened the cap. Not the cheap or diluted nonsense that other companies sell, but real Lavender. So if you're not a fan of lavender, stay clear from this.

The instructions are to pour a capful to baby's bath and swish it around with your hands, which I totally did not follow, being a non-conformist and all. No, really, the drip top was so minuscule it took 3 seconds of vigorous shaking to produce one drop. No way I was gonna try and fill the cap that way. Eventually, I ended up with about 5 drops of oil which I dripped under running water. This actually caused the water to foam like a bubble bath, although it dissipated quite quickly.

But while 5 drops is a far cry from the intended amount, it was sufficient to produce a relaxing scent that probably pushed me to the throes of half-consciousness quicker than it did my babies. I liked it so much I put it in E1's bath as well, which doubled up as a pampering foot bath for me (and I even got my feet rubbed, how nice). So far, it doesn't seem to have irritated his sensitive skin. Also, it  didn't make the skin too slippery even without a final rinse.

The question is, would I buy this product? I don't know, that's a tough one. It seems a little too luxurious to be used on babies who, honestly, don't need anything more than mild soap and water to be clean. This oil would probably do well for your own use, if you are in need of some pampering and you do happen to have a bathtub. I did find it intriguing that Jurlique came up with a bath oil for babies and not for adults, even though there are body oils available in different scents. Probably a statement about their product being pure and gentle enough for baby, I suppose. Aaaanyways.

Verdict: Rave
Notwithstanding the lousy drip cap, I would probably buy this for myself more so than for my babies, if I had regular access to a bathtub and actual time to soak in it. However I don't know the retail price of this product, but I'm guessing it to be somewhere in the range of S$40 based on website comparisons and currency conversions. It is though, an awesome gift.

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