Sunday, April 5, 2015

Review: Tollyjoy wet wipes

I finally got through the small wet wipes and opened Tollyjoy! There's something about the name that just makes me happy.

These are safe for mouth, face and hands. Alcohol, fragrance and paraben free.

The ingredients.

As I've mentioned, my criteria for wet wipes are minimal. They just have to not taste like detergent. Does this pass the taste test? Yup, these are tasteless. What I like about it is that it is compact but holds 30 pcs. The new maid has been very liberal with the wet wipes whenever we're out. Plus E1 has been trying to feed himself more often so he's usually in a bigger mess than before. Hooray for less frequent replenishment.

Overall, these are on par with Johnson's wet wipes and even better given that each packet holds more. These also do not have any scent to speak of and contains aloe and vitamin E.

Verdict: Rave
These are pretty cheap so I honestly can't remember how much they cost. And it's available at most supermarkets like Goant and NTUC. It also comes in a blue pack range that, if I'm not wrong, has some fragrance in it. Even though pink is my least favourite colour, I'll stick to the fragrance-free version thanks.

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