Monday, May 18, 2015

Review: Pigeon Honeycomb disposable breast pads

While having a death in the family is legitimate excuse for not updating this blog, I will confess that the real reason is because there hasn't been anything interesting to write about. Ok how about breasts? That's pretty interesting. Especially when you think about the phenomenon that follows childbirth, aka breastfeeding.

I like breastfeeding. Once you get the hang of it, it's physically convenient in a broad sense and instills such a sense of fulfilment and wonder that comes only secondary to pregnancy and childbirth. And while the internet is rife with beautiful Instagram-worthy photos of breastfeeding warriors proud of their role as a provider of life, real-life breastfeeding is anything but. 

Imagine bending over to pick up something from the floor and standing up to find- gasp- a dark spot over one boob. That's downright embarassing but that's also the reality post-childbirth. Things come out of you every this way and that, often without warning too. When I was breastfeeding E1, I experienced this countless times because I was too lazy to wear a bra at home. Keep your dignity intact and get some breast pads!

Say hello to Pigeon. For the uninitiated, Pigeon is a Japanese brand ubiquitous in every household for its affordable, decent-quality baby products. And it helps that it is widely available. I had used the Pigeon breast pads for quite some time and after my 3rd or 4th box, realised that they had upgraded their product.

It is now available in Honeycomb flavour, so your baby (or partner, naughty naughty ;)) will enjoy honey-flavoured milk.

Just joking. Honeycomb refers to the quilting of the cottony lining, which helps to maximise absorption and prevent leaks.

So how does this compare to the old product? These are the technical differences, where the old design is on the Left and the new one on the Right:

No difference in size

The wrapping is pretty much the same, down to the centerfold which you pinch to tear the seams. I like that even the wrapper is cottony soft, unlike others I have tried where opening the plastic wrapper actually created such a ruckus that the baby woke up. This might be far-fetched as a selling point but this is actually true.

Significantly different shape

I hate pink, but this is such a mundane and invisible product that I don't care. The self-adhesive tape covers are also easy to peel off.

Fits the breast better
Rest assured I didn't use the old one, which turned black after a long period of neglect

The key difference is in the shape and make of the pad. While the old design was fairly straightforward and practical, the new design is more rounded and therefore cups the breast better, providing an even more comfortable fit. Aside from the quilting, the cottony lining remains soft and feels luxurious. This is important if you have sensitive skin. Other pads I've tried are actually itchy.

Up close

The downside of the rounded shape is that it makes the pad less likely to adhere to the bra. See, I wear full drop down bras but instead of opening the entire bra cup down and exposing the pad to the elements (and probably allowing it to drop off), I fold the cup in half and tuck it under my boob. That way, I can extend the use of my breast pads and keep everything neat. Compared to the old design, I found that I've had to readjust these pads more often after I'm done feeding. But, no biggie. I usually can go as long as a full day before changing the pads.

The pads absorb quite a decent amount of excess milk despite being quite thin. I don't have a problem with this though, since most of my leaks are due to malalignment rather than overflows.

All in all, these newly designed pads are comparable in performance and comfort to the Philips Avent breast pads, which for the longest time, I thought were the best pads ever.

Verdict: Rave 
I am so going back to using this once my current box finishes (I'll write a review on the brand but no points for guessing the verdict). Pigeon is available in major supermarkets and baby specialty shops. One box of 60pcs retails for $18.90. At 3 cents per piece it's slightly pricey, but I'd rather splurge than suffer from itchy boobs.

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