Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Review: Tollyjoy disposable nursing pads

Since I love a bargain,  my eye was caught by these Tollyjoy breast pads. Who doesn't like free stuff?

These were cheap to begin with, but this pack comes with +8 pcs, wow! And suitable for day and night use! Can't go wrong right? Well, apparently you can.

Let's start with the packaging. It's cheap plastic and an unappetising sick green colour. Ok that's fine, nobody needs to see that.

The inside is ok. Cottony soft lining, standard shape. The very bare minimum of my expectations.

But for goodness' sake why is the peel-off tab so damned difficult to peel off?? I have to apply a considerable amount of force to get the little rectangular piece of paper off the pad. And there are two of them. If you are in need of pincer-grip exercises, this will work all the muscles in your fingers.

For the first 5 minutes or so of wearing them, the pads felt ok. Then I started to feel them. It's like wearing plastic-ky sanitary pads for your boobs. It's itchy. When you are breastfeeding and you are already sore and lopsided, you don't want to have to deal with itch too.

And then there's the matter of malalignment. For some reason, these always seem to shift out of place. I compared the size to previous pads I've used and there isn't much of a difference. For the record, I am not particularly well-endowed nor do I do vigorous activity (chasing toddlers is not counted).

But I don't mind all these, even if I'm constantly readjusting the pads to centre. What really takes the cake is that the sticky tape on the pads would rather stick to my skin than onto my bra. Then I have to rip it off. Then I scream oh @#$! Every single time. No thanks! My boobs don't need waxing!

Verdict: Regret
The only thing good about this product is that it's cheap. At $7.90 for this box, it comes down to 16c per piece, which gives great savings (and throws in a free waxing session). But that's not my thing. Hell no, I've already bought a new pack of my trusty Pigeon pads and reminded myself not to get waylaid by cheap stuff that makes me miserable and guilty.

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