Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Review: Sukin products

In the blink of an eye, one month has passed since my last post! Been busy with the exam, then mum's surprise birthday bash (which was a partial success), looking for things to write about....which brings me to this. I'd been using some new Sukin products that I am now finally getting around to review - the shampoo, body wash and cream cleanser.


This is a big bottle

As with other organic brands, this one is sulphate-free, so it lathers minimally. I've gotten used to sulphate-free shampoos so the lathering is enough for me and I even find it relatively rich for an organic shampoo. I've even gotten GY to use it, whose reaction to it is the standard "it's ok" response. But I use this every other day (remember, scalp and roots only!) and I don't think my hair has been this healthy for a long time. I also love the scent, which is a citrus and vanilla blend, that is signature to almost all their products. The only problem I have with it is the pump, which I find rather weak (yes as in, bo lat).
The shampoo is a clear, gooey liquid

Body Wash

See how the packaging is exactly the same?

It comes in the same packaging and has the same consistency and scent as the shampoo. In fact, there was a time after my maid swapped the bottles after cleaning the shelves that I, with the visual acuity of a naked mole rat, lathered the body wash into my hair and didn't realise it until I was rinsing it off. When applied to the hair, it rinses off squeaky clean, whereas the shampoo leaves a healthy coat of moisture. Anyway that's not really where it's supposed to go. I use poufs with my bodywashes, so with this, there's an acceptable amount of lather. 1 pump is enough for my whole body, but I usually use 2 for a more indulgent experience.

Even the stuff that comes out looks and smells the same??

Cream Cleanser

I'd been looking for a smallish cream cleanser for use when travelling and/or staying at mum's house and this was perfect. It's surprisingly thick and feels slightly heavy and greasy to apply. But it does wash off easily and doesn't leave that oily film behind. The scent retains the strong vanilla note but with less hints of citrus, making it almost smell like cinnamon. Which is a weird thing to be putting on the face in my opinion. Nevertheless, it's pleasant enough to use and leaves my skin soft and plump.

The cream is pretty heavy and thick

Verdict: Raves
Of the three, the shampoo and body wash are definite keepers. They are half the price for double the amount of the brand I was using previously - Akin. When on offer, both products go for $20+ for each 1ltr bottle, which is a steal considering the purity of the ingredients. But while I won't be replacing my Jurlique cleanser with the Sukin cream cleanser any time soon, it is admittedly a cheap alternative for travel purposes - around $12 for 125ml.
Sukin can be found at selected Unity, Guardian and Watsons outlets, as well as other independent health stores. Check it out here.

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