Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Review: Botaneco Garden Body Wash

I just love me some new organic stuff to try! Ok this one's way overdue. My bottle is half-finished haha. Let me bore you with history behind the purchase of this product...

Some of you may have come across my Sukin review. This is the bodywash I stock up on. But I was looking for a handsoap that didn't cost an arm and a leg, since E1 loves to pump soap like it's free whenever he washes his hands (and boys being boys, I make sure he washes his hands a lot). I don't think he's turning into a clean freak so much as he finds pumping and lathering soap a novelty. Which was why when I was looking for a cleansing agent, I decided to go big and get a shower gel/bodywash. After all, what's so special in handsoap that you have to use it exclusively for your hands? As far as I'm concerned, bodywash washes equally well and gets rid of oil and grime.

Anyhoo, I chanced upon this bodywash during my endeavour. The first thing that attracted me to it was, of course, that it is touted as organic.

Ah ha, but if you read the label properly, it specifies that it is merely enriched with ECO-certified Inca Inchi Oil and aloe vera. Meaning the other ingredients are probably not organic.

And true enough, there's still other stuff in there that I can't pronounce, and it contains parfum. The good stuff seems pretty low on the list. But at least there's no added silicones, parabens and colorants. Just in case you're wondering, Inca inchi oil, plukenetia volubilis, is also known as mountain peanut (how is that not cute) and is native to South America.

The gel itself is colourless and smells wonderful. It's something of a clean, fresh floral scent that shouts "atas bathroom". At least 2 people have passed compliments on the scent.

After my initial infatuation with this product, I went out to inspect the other products in this range. This one is Orchard (Grape Seed and Bergamot), but they also have Garden (Macadamia and Ylang Ylang) and Forest (Sunflower and Rosemary). I ended up purchasing more Garden and Orchard - just personal preference. The Forest one smells too herbally. I was even hugely tempted to try the haircare range but decided against it after studying the ingredient list.

The biggest test of this product for me is in whether it would cause any problems for delicate skin. So far, both E1 (eczema) and E2 (under 2yrs) have used it with no reactions so it's safe to say - this one's a keeper.

Verdict: Rave
If I didn't like this so much, I wouldn't stock up on it hey? This makes a good handwash that I don't fuss too much about if E1 pumps it all over the countertop. The best part of this? The price. Even at the regular retail price, it's $9.95 for 620ml. That's not too bad for an organic product. But when Guardian has its 3-for-2 sale, that's $6.66 per bottle, which in my opinion, is an awesome deal.

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